Andy Chapman

CEO and Co-founder at Carbometrics
Andy Chapman is the CEO of Carbometrics, a company on a mission to help people with diabetes to live more normal and longer lives. They are using their proprietary Biomimetic Glucose Binding Molecules (GBM) to develop a new glucose sensor chemistry that will enable market-leading Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM). Carbometrics was spun-out after the founders sold their first company, Ziylo, to Novo Nordisk in a landmark deal in 2018. 

Andy has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Bristol and over 10 years experience designing and leading interdisciplinary commercial and academic research programmes. He joined Ziylo as CSO in 2017 after leaving his Senior Lecturer role at Kingston University, London. In 2018, Andy was part of the team that successfully exited Ziylo and founded Carbometrics.

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