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Community and support for deep tech chemistry ventures

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Hello Change Maker. We know that your innovative technology could change the future of our planet. It’s the core reason we focus our support on ventures like yours. We bring together the best minds, the best connections and the best advice from others who walked in your shoes. 

How it works

Through Change Makers we:

  • Focus and champion visionary deep tech chemistry ventures whose goal is to tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues. 
  • Provide support shaped around the needs of each venture. There are no restrictive packages, rather each venture has the freedom to shape the support for them and their teams and match the evolving needs of the business.  
  • Offer free to access programmes funded by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
  • Don’t have time-limited programmes, like classic accelerators. Our support for leaders is for life. 
  • Have a community-driven approach. Ventures build relationships with each other and with highly experienced mentors, investors and experts aligned in their desire and commitment to make positive impact through deep tech chemistry.
As part of Change Makers, we will also provide you with a newsletter containing signposting to funding and support from the innovation ecosystem. You will also receive updates about the relevant programmes and events provided by Change Makers.

Eligibility criteria

Change Makers for ventures is the UK's home for deep tech chemistry. Ventures looking to join Change Makers will need to meet a number of criteria and submit a one-time only application.  

The venture must be: 

  • A UK registered company, not a subsidiary or spin-off of an existing company 
  • In the early stage of development or the beginning of their commercialisation phase (except companies previously part of EnterprisePlus)
  • Addressing an industrial, societal or environmental unmet need or creating a new market 
  • Based on new chemical technology or process 
  • Committed to following the principles of responsible innovation

Our application process

If you would like your venture to be part of Change Makers, please contact us. 

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Venture Mentoring

Details of our mentoring scheme for deep tech chemistry ventures

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Investment Catalyst

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Find out more about joining Change Makers for ventures.

Can an individual entrepreneur become a part of Change Makers, or is it only open to companies?
Change Makers for ventures is only open to companies registered with the Companies House. To join Change Makers the company will need to apply. Once the company is accepted, any employees will be able to access the programmes and resources.  
Can ventures at all stages of development join Change Makers? 
Change Makers for ventures will initially be open to chemistry ventures who have not yet reached the market. Your venture could be a recent spin-out, a start-up or scale-up. Please refer to the eligibility criteria on the venture page.  
Does involvement in Change Makers preclude a venture from participating in other schemes? 
We welcome applications from ventures that are already part of, or wish to also join, other forms of support like accelerators, incubators and venture studios.