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What is deep tech?

The term ‘deep tech’ was coined by Swati Chaturvedi, the founder and CEO of the online investment platform Propel(x). Deep tech, or deep technology, refers to start-ups whose business models are based on significant scientific advances or high-tech innovation in engineering.  

The main areas deep tech start-ups are working in are chemistry, artificial intelligence (AI), life sciences, robotics, agriculture, aerospace and clean energy. Despite its wide definition, with time the deep tech term has become synonymous with some specific areas of deep tech, such as exponential technologies: robotics, AI, 3D printing. 

We are starting to use the term ‘deep tech chemistry’ as a way of defining and shaping this space for chemistry.

Why focus on deep tech chemistry? 

These technologies are often set apart by their focus on enabling power, the differentiation it can create, and its potential to catalyse change. Deep tech chemistry helps solve a range of global challenges from climate change to health, whilst enabling bold business objectives and invigorating value chains. 

What sets deep tech chemistry apart? 

By its nature, deep tech chemistry is complex and hard to classify. However, the following characteristics can help describe what sets it apart from other technologies:

  • Deep tech is often founded on defensible IP that is difficult to replicate 
  • Innovators in deep tech ventures bring together basic chemistry innovation to generate high impact or breakthrough solutions 
  • Deep tech is problem-orientated with a focus on solving intractable global challenges 
  • Deep tech ventures are often multidisciplinary and innovate in multiple potential applications 
  • Deep tech is often associated with research coming out of universities and depends upon advanced R&D

Did you know?

According to a survey of 1,277 deep tech ventures by Boston Consulting Group and Hello Tomorrow, 97% of deep tech ventures contribute to at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

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