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Change Makers is at the heart of deep-tech chemistry. We focus on carefully selected ventures whose technologies have the potential to make a positive impact on critical global issues reflected in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our support for ventures is part of a holistic approach to catalyse an entrepreneurial ecosystem for chemistry, aligning its different actors including the entrepreneurs, investors, Government and corporates. We have made it our role to address the systemic issues that hamper progress for ventures; we're here to see real and lasting change in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

How to get involved

Through Change Makers, investors have access to a highly curated pool of early-stage and late-stage chemistry ventures, other committed investors and a network of chemistry experts and advisors.  

We organise intimate events to facilitate deal flow and facilitate connections between ventures and investors. Ventures who attended the events in the past have successfully raised investment and have gone on to achieving successful exits, growth and impact.   

Joining Change Makers is free and has no strings attached. 


The sweet spot for Change Makers is science and UN Sustainable Development Goals. If you're investing in this space, we welcome your approach.   

Change Makers network includes private investors, angel groups, VCs and corporate funds.  

The funds who have invested in Change Makers ventures include: IP Group, Parkwalk Advisors, Cambridge Enterprise, Future Fund - British Business Bank, Technology Venture Investments, Minerva Business Angels Network, Mercia Asset Management, Sofinnova Partners, Scottish Enterprise, BGF Growth Capital, and the UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund.




Drug-eluting intraocular lens

VisusNano is developing a drug-eluting intraocular lens for use in patients undergoing cataract surgery, the most common procedure worldwide.

By improving patient outcomes, their technology has the potential to revolutionise cataract surgery in both the human and veterinary markets.

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10x faster sensor system

Drug discovery is an extremely slow process, which requires testing of hundreds of compounds to find the most promising candidate.

The HexagonFab sensor system is 10x faster than existing methods. It will transform R&D in the pharmaceutical industry, increasing speed and decreasing risk.

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Somnus Scientific Limited

Scalable solution for safer intravenous anaesthesia

Somnus is end-user led with a team that is deeply rooted in clinical care and research-led innovations. Their technology satisfies an unmet need and their scalable solution will facilitate the safer adoption of intravenous anaesthesia throughout the world.
Thus allowing more patients to benefit from superior propofol-based anaesthesia instead of gases. 

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Biodegradable microbeads to replace microplastics

What goes in the oceans eventually arrives on our plates. Plastic microbeads used in cosmetics, paints and coating, and many other applications pollute the oceans and are an environmental and health hazard.

Naturbeads is scaling up a technology to produce biodegradable cellulose beads to replace polluting plastic microbeads.

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Platform to reduce time for diagnosis of bacterial infections

FluoretiQ have developed a NANOPLEX platform to reduce the time to correctly diagnose bacterial infections from 2 days to 15 minutes. 

NANOPLEX has a total market potential of £1bn spread across infectious disease testing, meat and poultry testing and oncology. 

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Nanomaterials boosting crop yields

Glaia’s disruptive product boosts crop yields sustainably. Based on a water-soluble, sugar-derived nanomaterial that unlocks the current bottleneck in agricultural productivity: photosynthesis.

Glaia’s unique technology enhances the photosynthetic efficiency of crops, leading to increased yields of 20-40% while decreasing the emissions from crop production.

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Innovative catalytic solutions to the chemical industry
ViridiCOis a CO solutions provider which will provide innovative catalytic solutions to the chemical industry, allowing chemical manufacturers to produce chemical intermediates using carbon dioxide as a feedstock material.

This provides a sustainable route which reduces CO emissions, lowers fossil fuel consumption, and transitions chemical products towards a circular economy. 

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