Our programme of expert-led masterclasses for entrepreneurs and their teams

About the programme

Our masterclasses are free, online events focused on the needs of deep tech chemistry ventures, helping them to build the knowledge and develop critical skills.  

During masterclasses attendees have the chance to hear unique and practical insights, share personal experiences and meet like-minded entrepreneurs.  

Topics are always led by experts who can provide specific context and case studies for deep tech chemistry ventures. We tailor the topics to address the different challenges and opportunities for ventures at all stages of development: from early stages of developing an innovation to an already established business. 

Examples of previous masterclasses include: 

  • Telling your impact story 
    How can you use storytelling skills to tell better impact stories? This masterclass enables you to tell the story of a deep tech solution in a more compelling and engaging way, whether it's to investors, potential employees or partner companies. 
  • Identifying and developing markets for new technologies 
    This masterclass explains the importance of looking at new innovations through market testing. It addresses how to minimise the risks of premature scaling, why product launches don’t always work out and the issues raised in working with larger corporate entities. 
  • Leading an R&D intensive venture 
    The focus is a case study of the leadership challenges experienced by a deep tech venture as it makes the journey from lab to market. Participants explore their own leadership style, analysing how to create a high-performance culture and a more confident and trusting team. 

For ventures

Entrepreneurship is a team sport; therefore our masterclasses are open to all leaders and their entrepreneurial teams in Change Makers ventures. If you would like to join our masterclasses, please register to hear more. 

For experts

If you're interested in giving a masterclass, please register your interest to join Change Makers for industry experts and we'll be in touch about your eligibility.

“Great presenter, feedback and interactivity with the group.” Attendee


Key pillars of our masterclasses
Market, finance, leadership & team, and R&D best practice.


Positive feedback
Gathered during our masterclass pilots.


Participants per masterclass
Enabling peer-to-peer learning and sharing.



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How do I attend a masterclass?

Once you've joined Change Makers for ventures you'll be able to register attendance via our online booking form.

Is there a charge for attendance?

No, attendance is free. All we ask is that you contribute and interact with your peers and provide feedback via the online form at the end of the event.

What is the R&D best practice theme aiming to address?

For a deep tech chemistry venture to succeed, it must successfully transition its technology from lab bench to commercial production. This is a complex process that can be made easier with access to the right understanding of how to perform R&D and upscaling in a safe, lean and commercially focused way.

Can I suggest a topic for a masterclass?

Yes. We want to hear from you to help us build future masterclasses based on your needs. Please get in touch using our details on the contact us page.

How is the interactivity of the attendees supported?

There will usually be breakout sessions during the masterclass. This gives you the opportunity to share personal experiences and engage in peer-to-peer learning with like-minded deep tech chemistry entrepreneurs.